"Hello Girls." Hello Boys. Hello Everybody.

Thankfully the lad had some clothes on as I went to interview him. The last time we really heard anything from BCW stalwart Drusifer, he had just landed a lucrative deal modelling a shoddy brand of underwear and was appearing on billboards in the ludicrous 'Hello Girls' campaign. That, alongside a promising spot as a drummer in the 'Dru Klux Klan', saw The Infernal One quietly drop his treasured BCW Championship in the summer and move away from the spotlight somewhat. 'The Dru Show' had some revealing words to say about those issues in this exclusive yarn, so read on:

The Overseer: "Don't pick your nose...Drusifer, many thanks for agreeing to an interview with us, appreciate it. Now then, we heard about you modelling kegs, playing the drums, torturing animals, amongst other things. Tell us in a bit more depth about what exactly you've been up to as of late."

Drusifer: "Well ya know something brother, the 'Sifer has been hangin' and bangin' down in the South-East for the past few months, taking his degree in the Karma Sutra a little too serious. Yeah, the 'Sifer has simply been analysing his options having lost his prized possession, the Heavyweight Championship of the World, to the Rude Boy a couple of months back. There is nothing closer to my heart than getting into the ring and giving someone a good pounding, but I have had to look at the other possible options on offer to a man such as myself, i.e. big picture of me: "Hello Girls!" That was a great success, as the sales of the well-known brand of boxer shorts rose phenomenally, but the advert has been used to greater effect in sales of viagra for women too. I have also done a little charity work down here in the Canterbury area; most recently I was spotted distributing free talcum powder to those in the cathedral. Otherwise I have just taken a little time to negotiate a contract with an up and coming star known as Roy C-O, who may be seen on BCW screens in the near future."

O/S: "There is one issue I must just clear up: is there any truth in the rumour that you're all set to adopt some new Bon Jovi intro-music?"

D: "No. I believe that the music I currently use and always have used is the longest serving piece of music in the BCW and when it hits, the fans know exactly what to expect. I see no reason why the music cannot be used as long as BCW is around, but "I ain't gonna last for ever, these are the best days of my life, da da da...""

O/S: "Lush, but wasn't that Bryan Adams?"

D: "Fuck yeah. I could beat Crush!"

O/S: "Indeed. The Drusifer character is an intriguing one, a hybrid mix of a psychotic, twisted madman, a maniacal herbert alongside a lovable loony, "the big, jovial jester". As the man behind it all, how do you view the persona?"

D: "Well, in BCW we were all allowed to make of ourselves what we wanted in terms of character, and I believe I've made a good job of it. You can't not credit any of the other guys in the fed at all, but with a little help from the bookers I think I have made the persona a class act. As you said, I have the ability to be an evil swine with only one thing on his mind and I think that this image came to the forefront around the time of Hellbound. Before this event, I was brinking on the seventeen stone mark and had all the faith in the world in my ability, although I rarely managed to produce a top quality performance due to my size. The faith in my ability came crashing down to earth with the arm-break incident, which we'll get onto in a while, and therefore the 'jovial Sifer' thought it time for a change. With a little dedication to the gym and a healthy diet over the six-month break before Hellbound, I changed myself a great deal. Having lost around 4 stone, I had more confidence and clear ability in my aerial attack as well as having lost very little in the strength department. In terms of persona, I became more focused, I accomplished BCW Champion status for a 3rd time and decided that this time I had no intension of losing it in a hurry. Therefore I took on the angle and delivered it through my commitment to the federation, putting on the best performances I could and taking the best possible bumps where necessary. My character is now well rounded and I intend on keeping it this way; I have used these abilities and talents and taken them on to further levels with the advertising and drumming, but wrestling is where my heart is."

O/S: "That brings us in turn to The Super Heavyweights of course. They have always seemingly been 'the odd couple' of BCW. Especially in light of the events we witnessed at July Jiggery this year, where do 'Sifer and the Rude lad currently stand?"

D: "If there was someone The 'Siferman had to lose the title to, I would rather it be nobody bar the Rude Boy. The circumstances in which I lost the strap were pretty shoddy, so these Big Willy Fondlers (BWF) who come and interrupt my matches have a lot to live up to! I was happy to still put in a great performance yet help the Rude Guy in getting put over. The match was an enjoyable encounter as I got to face off against The Rude One for only the second time in singles' competition, the first since the infamous Garage From Hell match. I've moved out of the spotlight for a while to concentrate on my other career paths, but I look forward with great enthusiasm to entertaining the masses at XX. I don't know myself what I'll be in for yet; I'd prefer to be main-eventing obviously, but I must say those hardkore matches look a bit tasty."

O/S: "Drusifer, the man responsible for 'that T-shirt', The Whale, the Nut Sac Slam, the christening of Roy [Munson], the biggest pop of all-time at Stampede, and surely BCW's finest hour, the Hellbound main-event. I've literally heard people describe that match as "better than half the shit you see on Raw each week". What are your memories looking back on that colossal bout?"

D: "Well, I was fed up of hearing about this shit Solaar vs. Matty D match being the best bout in recorded BCW history, so I felt it was time for the revitalised 'Sifer to regain his title and do it in some style too. Matty D is always up for putting in a good display and I think we did a damn good job. After 5 months away from the ring, and being about 4 stone lighter, I had more faith in the ability in which I had believed, there was something too about the long lay off where it inspired me for a day to really wanna do some decent bumps, rather than just another predictable 'Sifer performance."

O/S: "So, where do you stand, opinion-wise, on Matty D? How come you guys serve up so many knobberslockers?"

D: "Matt and I are good buddies out of the ring, but in the ring we have a good competitive chemistry which inspires us to both want to out-do each other. This edge is vital in producing the best possible performance. Matt has had to deal with the odd personal problem over the past few months, but we all believe in him and he knows he has the capability to deal with anything, apart from maybe that corner at about 120 mph just after a brow in the road, not forgetting the farmer's wall. In the ring, he's a true professional: he tends to have that 1980's touch about him with his class-acts during many a promo, and his sheer ability is displayed every time he steps into the squared-circle."

O/S: "If I may be so bold, both at the time and also looking back on it a year later, what are your thoughts regarding the Nick Denham arm-break?"

D: "I touched on it briefly earlier. All I can say is that at the time I had far too much confidence in my own ability, which at the time was certainly lacking. With my weight on an all time high, I could only find new moves for my arsenal via the strength department. What I tried was stupid and is never to be attempted again. Words still can't say my true feelings about the incident; I know that I've ruined the guy's confidence in the ring and along with that a potentially great career in the business. It's debatably fair to say that a chronic injury was bound to happen at some stage, so I'm just glad that a guy with as much resilience as Nick had the ability to let the company move on with him on its side and not bearing any grudges."

O/S: "Though nothing really came of it, you had a brief and cheesy stint as Hardkore Champion in August. Did you view that as a relegation of sorts or a chance to take that particular belt into uncharted territory?"

D: "The Hardkore title has always interested me, what with its wacky matches and I feel I can offer a lot to the strap's credibility. I didn't see it as a relegation at all, in fact it was a nice change and I see it as a great opportunity to work with some of our mid-carders and give them some vital in-ring experience. The likes of Rude Boy and Nicky D have led the way for almost the past year in holding these bouts together whilst getting other talent involved too."

O/S: "After what we did see on BCdub programming this year, is regaining the BCW title currently your no. 1 priority, or kicking The Assassin's asinine ass?"

D: "Both are very important to me; at the moment my main priority is the BCW title, but I'd love the opportunity to work with the BWF, since they gave me my first wrestling opportunity. However, Assassin did piss me off with his actions at Stampede and if those punks turn up again at XX, they and he especially will have a lot to answer for! Their company as a concept has a lot going for it: in terms of management, LJ better watch it, no one likes to be fired, let alone because he is thought to be too fat and useless. All things in life happen for a reason and I have gone on to become a better athelete due to these criticisms, and well, we'll see who has the last laugh."

O/S: "So, speaking of the future and with Xtreme Xmas looming on the horizon, can you tell us anything about some potential new talent that you're rumoured to responsible for bringing in?"

D: "Well, I don't want to let too much out just yet. I have been in talks with some possible talent although there is some debate about their commitment to the business. I've been training one possible candidate down here in Kent since his clear talent with a martial arts background could be used to great effect. BCW has been giving generous opportunities to youngsters in recent months and I'm confident that more talent will be coming in from the Round-House, i.e. the Cokethorpe Wrestling Academy."

O/S: "OK then. Drusifer, fair play and thanks for your time. One last thing: fancy going for a pint?"

D: "Fuck off or I'll leave ya lookin' like Stephen Hawking."

O/S: "No, neither do I. Thank you. Interview terminated."

I guess I'd just been on the receiving end of 'some of that Dru Show shit'. Not for the first time and probably not for the last time. Having beat a hasty retreat after the Hawking-esque threat and refusal of post-chat beverage, I still couldn't help but be struck by 'Sifer's enthusiasm for the mat-game and his studious reflection on some of the events of the past 18 months. The man was generous enough to let others grab a bit of the limelight recently and now he's looking straight ahead once more with gold in his sights. He's shown in the past, especially concerning small animals, he is prepared to plough though anything in order to get what he wants. More often than not, he damn well gets what he wants too. We have been warned.

The Overseer - 15th November 2001